Hub Centric Rings

Hub Centric Rings

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Hub centric locator rings to decrease wheel shake and shudder

These hub centric locator rings ensure your wheels are mounted to your hub securely without play or movement. This can be used in conjunction with aftermarket wheels that usually features a larger centre bore which needs to be step down to your specific vehicle centre bore.

Improved ride stability and safety

Without the use of hub locator rings, your wheels might not mount properly to your wheel hub flange securely like they would from factory. They also ensure your wheel and tyre assembly are balanced accurately, resulting in a much smoother and safer ride.


Quantity: 4 Rings/SET

Material: Hard Plastic 


Common Applications:

AUDI | 5x112 | 57.1                                                                                                           

BMW E21, E30 | 4X100 | 57.1                                                                                             

BMW 1-7 SERIES | 5x120 - 72.6 | 5x120 - 74.1                                                             

HOLDEN: 5X120 | 66.9                                                                                                       

HONDA | 4X100 | 56.1                                                                                                       

HONDA | 5X114.3 | 64.1                                                                                                     

MAZDA | MITSUBISHI | 5X114.3 | 67.1                                                                               

MAZDA | 4X110 | 59.6                                                                                                       

MERCEDES | 5x112 |66.6                                                                                                   

NISSAN | 5X114.3 | 66.1                                                                                                     

SUBARU | 5X100 56.1                                                                                                         

SUBARU | 5X114.3 | 56.1                                                                                                   

TOYOTA | 5X114.3 | 60.1 TOYOTA | 4X114.3 | 60.1                                                             

VOLKSWAGEN | 5X100 | 57.1                                                                                         

VOLKSWAGEN | 5X112 | 57.1                                                                                                                                                                                            


If you are unsure or have any queries, you can contact us or refer to our wheel fitment guide. The information provided serves as a general guide. Images used are for reference only and is affected by the selected size. You should verify your wheel size, stud pattern (p.c.d.), wheel nut thread pitch, and/or centre bore of your specific vehicle, as it may differ within vehicle makes. All wheels and wheel accessories should be installed professionally by qualified individual or shop for safe vehicle operation.