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  • Do I Need Hub Centric Rings for my New Wheels?

    If you’re fitting aftermarket wheels, or basically any wheels other that the ones that originally came stock with your vehicle, there’s a good chance you may need  hub centric rings Also known as locator rings or simply hub rings, they are an inexpensive, yet vital, part of many aftermarket wheel installs.

    A hub centric ring is used to help a wheel stay centered during installation. It fits over the center bore of the wheel and over the hub pilot on the axle, filling up the space between the two surfaces.

  • What are hub centric rings and how to use them with your wheels.

    What are Hub Centric Rings?

    Hub centric rings are small circular devices crafted from durable materials like aluminum or plastic, aiming to bridge the gap between a vehicle's hub bore and a wheel's center bore.

    These rings offer various benefits, including the elimination of vibrations and stress on lug nuts and studs, enhanced stability and handling, prevention of wheel wobble leading to uneven tire wear, and a reduction in potential vibrations and noise.

    To utilize hub centric rings effectively, users should select the correct size, clean surfaces thoroughly before installation, place the rings on the hub before mounting wheels, and check and re-torque lug nuts after a short drive.