15mm alloy wheel spacers for nissan 5x114.3 p.c.d.
nissan 15mm wheel spacers 5x114.3
15mm nissan 5x114.3 wheel spacers to suit skyline silvia 240sx
15mm 5x114.3 wheel spacers for nissan mag alloy wheels and tyres

15mm Wheel Spacers 5X114.3 Nissan

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Hub centric 15 mm aluminium alloy wheel spacer

CNC machined from high grade 6061 T6 aluminium alloy and finished in smooth anodized black, this wheel spacer features a hub centric fit to mount securely to your wheel hub.

Assist with wheel to fender gaps, suspension and/or big brake clearance

Often used to minimize wheel to fender gaps or ensure wheels do not foul on brakes or suspension parts, this bolt on application will increase your overall track width by 15 mm on each side.

Available in pairs (2). Please select the required size and quantity. If you require 4 spacers, please update quantity to 2 Pairs (4 pieces).



Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy

P.C.D./Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5X114.3

Thickness: 15 mm (Millimetres)

Hub: 5H

ID/Centre Bore: 66.1

OD: 66.1

Wheel Stud Thread Size & Thread Pitch: M12X1.25

Finish: Anodized Black

Quantity: 2 (Pair)


Common Vehicle P.C.D. & Centre Bore:

AUDI | 5x112 | 57.1

BMW 1-7 SERIES | 5x120 - 72.6 | 5x120 - 74.1

HOLDEN: 5X120 | 66.9

HONDA | 4X100 | 56.1

HONDA | 5X114.3 | 64.1

MAZDA | MITSUBISHI | 5X114.3 | 67.1

MAZDA | 4X110 | 59.6

MERCEDES | 5x112 | 66.6        

NISSAN | 5X114.3 | 66.1

SUBARU | 5X100 56.1

SUBARU | 5X114.3 | 56.1

TOYOTA | 5X114.3 | 60.1

TOYOTA | 4X114.3 | 60.1

VOLKSWAGEN | 5X100 | 57.1

VOLKSWAGEN | 5X112 | 57.1



If you are unsure or have any queries, you can contact us or refer to our wheel fitment guide. The information provided serves as a general guide. Images used are for reference only and is affected by the selected size. You should verify your wheel size, stud pattern (p.c.d.), wheel nut thread pitch, and/or centre bore of your specific vehicle, as it may differ within vehicle makes. All wheels and wheel accessories should be installed professionally by qualified individual or shop for safe vehicle operation.