Tyrewise Stewardship Fee

Tyrewise Stewardship Fee

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Tyrewise is Aotearoa New Zealand’s first regulated product stewardship scheme.  It is the mechanism by which those who produce or sell tyres take responsibility for the 6.5 million tyres that reach their end of life each year in New Zealand.

On 1 March 2024, regulation will come into effect that, for the first time in Aotearoa New Zealand, sets a fee to replace the ad hoc tyre disposal charges currently faced by tyre fitters, fleet operators and the public.  The  fee is known as the tyre stewardship fee, and is payable on all regulated tyres.  The fee is used to manage the tyre’s environmental impact at end-of-life.  

The fees have been modelled on $6.65 (excl. GST) per Equivalent Passenger Unit (EPU). An EPU is based on a new standard passenger tyre of approximately 9.5kg. 

The fees paid on regulated tyres will be used by Tyrewise to cover the following activities:

  • tyre collection services;
  • incentive payment for processing and tyre-derived product manufacture for the domestic market;
  • research and development grants;
  • management of Tyrewise including compliance and enforcement.

The fee will also cover monitoring of the scheme by Ministry for the Environment

Tyrewise Stewardship Fee is payable per tyre. Please add this fee to your cart and change the quanitity to match the amount of tyres purchased.

You can find out more at https://www.tyrewise.co.nz/